ThousandSeeds stimulates innovation and change in organisations. 

We enable growth and change in organisations, helping companies accelerate and validate their ideas and products using business model innovation, lean and design-led frameworks.

We enable organisations to create success, sustainability and scalability not only through process and frameworks but also through mindset changes.

  • Attunement and Perspective taking in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Attunement and Perspective taking in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

A core part of Human-Centered Design (HCD), Design-Thinking and Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) processes understands empathy and “perspective-taking”. Imagining yourself in another persons’ shoes.

Perspective taking skills are rooted in a cognitive skill [head] called, “Theory of Mind” meaning understanding someone else’s perspective – “mentalize” about their experience.  Empathy operates […]

Lean Driven Transformation

The Lean Meetup group is a movement that is transforming how new products are built and launched. Lean offers ways to cut work time and eliminate waste whether you are a Corporate, SME or startup.

Concepts apply to designing products, getting ideas to market more successfully and growing Innovation using systematic, validated methodologies. The philosophy helps organisations get to market faster.