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Mary Cronin is an experienced change maker focusing on stimulating entrepreneurship, developing business and leadership strategies and enabling change. Mary helps companies accelerate and transform their ideas and products using Lean thinking principles and systematic methodologies to create success, sustainability and scalability. Read More

Lean Startup Meetup Dublin

“Startup success can be engineered by following the process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.”- Eric Ries.

“Lean Startup” is a term coined by Eric Ries. His method advocates the creation of rapid prototypes designed to test market assumptions, and uses customer feedback to evolve them much faster than via more traditional product […]

Drop killer products and go for lean machines in half the time

Be A Lean Mean Profit Machine

ThousandSeeds hosts Ash Maurya workshops on Running Lean in London & Dublin

Ash Maurya’s Bio

Ash bootstrapped his last company, WiredReach, in 2002 which he sold in late 2010. Throughout that time, he launched many products with varying degrees of success and was constantly in search for a better way to build products.

In late 2009, Ash ran into into Steve Blank’s lectures on “Customer Development” from where he followed the trail to […]

International Peace Builder to present at Dublin Seminar next week

Dominic Barter, creator of Restorative Circles process will outline his vision for building compassionate responses to conflict in our communities’

January 12, 2011, Dublin, Ireland. Dominic Barter, International peace builder and creator of the Restorative Circles process is conducting a seminar in the Alexander Hotel Dublin on January 21st & 22nd 2011. Barter’s presence in Dublin is timely, […]

“Our focus is not on winning the award, it is on building the businesses”

Team Building

Is a Vision just nice to have?

Having a clear vision and purpose in your organisation might seem like just a nice-to-have, but in reality, it’s that vision and purpose that determines decisions at every crossroad. Having a clear vision leads to greater clarity when making decisions.

A Vision is ‘An Image of the future we want to create’. A Vision statement for an […]

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