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How business is being done today is changing. Entrepreneurship is about adaptability, collaboration and seizing opportunities. It takes courage to take our ideas and turn these into successful businesses. What the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (CWIA) offers female entrepreneurs includes coaching, brand association and a global network. This all creates change in the world!

In 2009, I discovered the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (CWIA) when I became a mentor. Since then ThousandSeeds have run the entrepreneurial workshops in Paris for the finalists. These awards foster new growth, entrepreneurship and innovation. In October 2013, I spent the week in Paris and Deauville with Cartier and the Women’s Forum, where I met amazing female entrepreneurs all wanting to create positive change in the world.

Thousandseeds - Cartier Womens Iniative Awards - Recognising Talented Women In BusinessThe CWIA fosters female entrepreneurship focusing on creativity, financial sustainability and social impact. These awards are created by the prestigious brands: Cartier, INSEAD Business School, the Women’s Forum and McKinsey & Co. The benefits for the winners include international networking opportunities, coaching and brand association, which are important for anyone developing a business.

Since the inception in 2006, CWIA have accompanied over 100 promising female business-owners and recognized 32 award winners. ThousandSeeds have been lucky enough to have worked with and mentored with over 85 of these winners.

The 2013 Awards
In 2013, there were 18 amazing finalists. Three competed from six continents. The six 2013 winners are;

  1. Latin America - Jugando Aprendo – Gabriela Maldonado – GUATEMALA 

Publishes educational books for young children and develops workshops for teachers and parents”

  1. North America – PkCleanPriyanka Bakaya – USA

Converts plastic waste into oil”

  1. Europe - Pharmapod -  Leonora O’Brien IRELAND

Supplies pharmacists with a cloud-based platform to record and report adverse drug effects.”

  1. Sub-Saharan Africa - Wecyclers - Bilikiss Adebiyi – NIGERIA 

Builds and manages a fleet of low-cost cargo-bicycles to collect recyclable waste in slums.”

  1. Middle East & North Africa - Sima Najjar – JORDAN

Produces ‘how-to’ videos in Arabic tailored to the Arab world.”

  1. Asia-Pacific - Banka bioloo - Namita Banka – INDIA

Produces environmentally friendly bio-toilets.”

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