ThousandSeeds ‘Lean Startup Initiative’ continues with Customer Development – Hands-on Workshop

Camden Court Hotel, Camden Street, Dublin.
You will get a 3 month license to use the Lean Launchpad Central tool as part of the fee ($60 value).

While much has been written about Customer Development, in practice — it’s hard!

This workshop will be very interactive which is a systematic approach to develop products that solve customers problems. This gives your company a competitive edge to get your product to market more successfully. After reviewing Customer Development and Lean principles you will then start validating the right market for your ideas. You will apply these principles in your proposed business model, document assumptions and identify and prioritize your risks. Finally you will learn how to go about testing these scenarios in your business model.

We will use tools such as the Business Model Canvas, Empathy Map and the Value Proposition Canvas to build a set of hypothesis to test your Product Market Fit.

Each of the participants will be introduced to the Lean Launchpad Central software tool.The Lean Launchpad Central tool is being used by Steve Blank in his Lean Launchpad class. You will use this tool to build your hypothesis to test by ‘getting out of the building’.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday May 11, 2013, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The size of each workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

Teams are welcome! You are encouraged to bring questions and issues from your business or startup idea.

What you will learn:
Attendees will gain a hands on knowledge of practice and principles of:

  • Learn how to Get Started
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Develop the hypothesis to find the Product/Market fit for your venture using the Empathy Map and the Value Proposition Canvas as described by Alex Osterwalder
  • Use the Customer Development concepts as described by Steve Blank
  • The Stages of Customer Development

Who is this programme for?
This programme is for founders, entrepreneurs, business owners and enterprises/corporates

About the Presenters:

Raomal Perera @raomal
Raomal Perera (@raomal) is a serial entrepreneur. He was the co-founder of two technology companies; ISOCOR which was listed on Nasdaq (icor) and Network365/Valista that was acquired by Aepona. Raomal raised over €27 million to help build Network365 as a global company though acquisition and setting up offices worldwide. Raomal is an Adjunct Professor, in the Entrepreneurship Department at Insead. Insead is one of the top 5 business colleges in the world as listed by the Financial Times. Raomal teaches Business Planning & Effective Fund Raising at INSEAD(

Mary Cronin @marylcronin
Mary works with companies on Business Models, Disruptive Innovation, Lean Startups & Design thinking. Mary is a Lean advocate and is the organiser of Lean Startup Dublin. She has a strong technical background with a 20+ year track-record in technology, corporate software and the financial services sector. She works across many sectors including corporate, SME’s, government bodies, not-for-profit organizations, start-ups, innovation and incubation centres both in Ireland and Internationally.

Testimonials for ThousandSeed’s work:

“I liked the professional way it was presented and by someone who had “walked the walk” !”

“No assumptions of knowledge. lots of practical examples. Does not descend into buzzwords and acronyms Great venue and hosting”

“Superb, relevant content, presented in a relaxed, humorous manner. Practical, sensible approach suggested as to how to build a start up.”

“Really appreciated the willingness to share high quality info.”