Dominic Barter, creator of Restorative Circles process will outline his vision for building compassionate responses to conflict in our communities’

January 12, 2011, Dublin, Ireland. Dominic Barter, International peace builder and creator of the Restorative Circles process is conducting a seminar in the Alexander Hotel Dublin on January 21st & 22nd 2011. Barter’s presence in Dublin is timely, in light of the recent announcement that a pilot RESTORATIVE justice programme in Nenagh is to be expanded in to courts throughout Tipperary and Limerick.

Dominic Barter started his unique method of peacekeeping in the shanty towns of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil in the mid 1990s. He sought a way to respond to the crime, conflict and broken agreements in these communities that would not only resolve the issues, but also bring the citizens closer together without fear of reprisal. He says he “sought to empower local communities to be able to find their own solutions to the kind of challenges that were surrounding them.”

The resulting process became known as ‘Restorative Circles’ and is now used in communities, social services, courts, universities, schools, prisons and businesses in Brazil and in 14 countries internationally. The process allows communities to consciously choose their justice system and, more than that, it gives people the opportunity to gain a real-life experience of the practical power of non-violence.

A review of research on restorative justice across multiple continents showed that restorative systems reduce recidivism in both violent and property crime in comparison to traditional justice systems and provide a variety of benefits to the “victims”, including improved mental health and greater satisfaction with the justice process (Sherman & Strang, 2007).

Restorative Circles was one of the 10 social technologies featured in the “Radical Efficiency” report published in 2010 by the major UK Think Tank, The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts’ Innovation Unit (NESTA). These 10 were chosen out of 100 projects surveyed because they are “demonstrably different, better and lower cost than traditional approaches”.

Barter has been invited to Ireland by ThousandSeeds & Associates (

Mary Cronin, Managing Partner said; “We are delighted that Dominic has agreed to lead this seminar and to share his experiences with us. The Restorative Circles process and its results open up revolutionary possibilities in many areas of our society, not just in the courts system. It supports dialogue, group cohesion, resilient relationships and personal healing. Essentially it causes us to rethink our living with others as we take ownership of the society and social systems in which we wish to live. Dominic’s seminar promises to be both challenging and stimulating for those who attend”.

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