Our focus is on stimulating entrepreneurship, innovation and enabling change. ThousandSeeds helps companies accelerate their ideas and products using lean and design-led thinking frameworks and systematic methodologies to create success, sustainability and scalability.

We are lean and design-led thinking advocates. We work to improve the pedagogy of entrepreneurship education. We want to stimulate innovation and disruption in organisations as new venture and product creation is the engine of our economy.

So, what makes us different?
We can help you invent tomorrow.


Build business and organisations through people, collaboration and creativity to create change in the world.


Through collaboration, education and facilitation we to create something together that none of us could do on our own.

  • Collaboration –Through people and knowledge sharing
  • Creativity – Understanding un-met needs to create change
  • Integrity – Respect for individuals, trust and honesty
  • Growth – Create solutions that make a difference to people

The ThousandSeeds Logo has a globe/circle as its centerpiece representing collaboration and connection with people globally. The moving arrows represent creativity, change and continuous growth.