“It is not the strongest species that survive nor the most intelligent,
but the ones most responsive to change”
Charles Darwin

The 2012 finals of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland will take place on Thursday October 18th 2012. During August, I had the pleasure of doing workshops with the eight finalists. A pretty amazing group of people!

I think we all understand the world is changing & there is a new school of conscientious entrepreneurs and change makers. People’s views are shifting about how we choose to live, how we can make change happen and the impact of our choices. The old school corporations & not-for profits are changing to new school conscientious entrepreneurs about the world we live in, our environment & our health. The good news for entrepreneurs and change makers is that we have great tools to create, validate and deliver all types of business models in all shapes & sizes. As a result all kinds of disruption is emerging. Tools like Business Model Innovation, Design School Thinking and Lean methodologies help us see new opportunities & disrupt existing markets. No longer do we need to freeze our ideas into tomes of business plans. We know that our plan A is not what we go to market with but an iteration of this when we really understand our customers’ needs.

So who are these amazing eight ‘change makers’ and what have they created?

The Fumbally Exchange – A community of design-focused small businesses, sole traders and start-ups “Making Work Together”. http://www.fumballyexchange.com/ George Boyle.

SOAR – A national youth outreach movement built on an early intervention preventative model focused on the peer to peer delivery of critical life-skills. www.soar.ie Tony Griffin, Karl Swan.

Hire Ireland – Kick-starting a burst of job creation in Ireland. www.hireland.ie Lucy Masterson, Ciaran Durnan.

LEAP - Empowers families experiencing disability to create self-directed lives. www.leapireland.com Rachel Cassen, Claire Murphy

The Turning Institute - Learn how to beat emotional eating, bulimia and binge eating. http://www.turninginstitute.com Emma Murphy

Coder DoJo – A global movement of free coding clubs for young people. www.coderdojo.com – James Whelton

Neurohero – Tackling the problem of social isolation, an issue often experienced by people who live with difficulties that affect communication and socialisation. www.neurohero.com – Aviva Cohen

The Little Museum of Dublin – Tells the story of Ireland’s capital city in the 20th Century. www.littlemuseum.ie Trevor White and Simon O’Connor.

These change makers are making a difference in all our lives whether it is to our families, friends, children or communities. All of these finalists are winners! Well done to Social Entrepreneurs Ireland for this great event and good luck to all on October 18th.